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How can your business get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in this initiative.  Below we have provided brief summaries of the common types of activities going on in schools and colleges that would benefit greatly from your support.  The time commitment is very low and by working together we are hopeful that we can fully cover the needs of all the participating schools and colleges in the next academic year.

Happy to support? Please click the link below and tell us how.

Teacher and Student

Ways to Support

Bike Against a Yellow Wall




Yellow Objects


Yellow Package


Yellow Hot Air Balloon


setting challenges

Yellow Stairs


Micro Chip


Yellow and Red Glass Building


Offering Work Experience

Why not offer a place for a work experience student to get to know how your business operates.  Years 9 to 12 (typically 1 to 5 days per year), virtual or in person. Or host a few students at your place of work and explain what happens on a day to day basis.

Giving a Careers Talk/Presentation

Be the one to encourage the next generation!  You can do these in small groups or to whole year groups, in person or recorded.  All year groups (typically 15 minutes to 30 minutes) all types of industry welcome.

Helping with Workshops/Projects

Judging Competitions - Setting Challenges

Work alongside students in lessons or offer advice to small groups.  By way of example: why not help a group of design technology students generate ideas around a problem, or help support a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Fair or British Science Week. Years 9 to 12.  1 hour to a full day.

Such as dancing, singing, public speaking, writing, art, baking or photography.   This could involve all age groups. 3 hours to 1 day per year.  Some judging can be done remotely.  You might want to set a competition or challenge.  Looking for a new logo? - why not set this as a schools challenge.  Need to think outside the box? - why not throw your problem at a group of students.

Help with Mock Interviews - Virtually or in person

Exhibiting at a Careers Fair

Help students practice their interview techniques in readiness for a job, college or university interview.  1 hour to 1 day per year.  Typically Years 10 to 13. 

Have a stand at a Careers Fair.  Plug your business, careers opportunities or help students broaden their horizons.  Years 7 to 13, 1 hour to 1 day per year, all industries.

Considering Opportunities for School Leavers & Graduates

Do you have roles that would be suitable for a school leaver? Do you take on apprentices? Do you have any opportunities for weekend or holiday work? You can advertise your opportunities in the schools and arrange workplace visits for interested students. You can feedback to schools on the type of roles that are available for returning graduates.

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