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How can my business benefit?

Working with local educational settings brings businesses many benefits, including:

  • Increasing your visability (brand) to schools, students and parents

  • Increasing the understanding of what you do/your industry does, the roles you have and the key skills you look for when recruiting

  • Providing opportunities for work experience, or indeed for apprenticeships

  • Developing the skills and community-mindedness of your own staff

  • Being seen locally as a socially responsible business supporting the local community

  • Retaining more talent locally, which will benefit us all

Group Lecture
  • Raises aspirations and increases motivation at school

  • Allows young people to broaden their horizons and have a wider understanding of the labour market

  • Industry and businesses give more relevance to their education

  • Allows young people to learn valuable transferable skills (developing these whilst with employers, also helping them to understand the importance of acquiring and developing key skills in their own time and at school)

  • Allows young people to start developing a network

  • Helps young people in securing a job (most employers want potential employees to have some type of experience of the work place).

  • Helps provide a more impressive CV/Personal Statement

The benefits to young people

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